Kia to introduce all-electric Niro in 2018

In 2018, Kia will be bringing an all-electric version of the Niro compact crossover to the North American market. Going by comments made by the chief operating officer of Kia Motors Europe, Michal Cole, the EV will also be available around the same time in Europe.

The Kia Niro plug-in hybrid will hit the market earlier, sometime before the end of 2017 in most of Europe and the U.S.A. Following that, the all-electric version will be rolled out.

The Niro Hybrid has been out since late 2016 in South Korea, and it set sales records – beating out the Hyundai IONIQ’s numbers in the first month it went on sale.

Both the Ioniq EV and the Niro EV are said to share the same drivetrain – a 28 kWh batter pack that will power an 88-kw (120 horsepower) electric motor. The Ioniq Electric is rated at 124 miles of combined range by the EPA, but with the slightly different frontal area and size of the Niro EV, the range will be slightly lower – probably closer to 110 miles.

No pricing has been announced, but this is definitely a compelling EV. It will be the only crossover style vehicle on sale in North America aside from the much more expensive luxury Tesla Model X.

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  1. I love electric vehicles!

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